The plan

This summer, we’ll be sailing, eating and drinking our way from southern Portugal back to the UK. We then hope to take Pete’s yacht – the lovely N’Tiana – around the British Isles, starting somewhere on the south coast and heading clockwise.

We will explore as much of the Portuguese, Spanish and French coastlines as time will allow before we start our UK circumnavigation. We aim to complete the sail back from Portugal to England by mid-May, that way avoiding the prevailing northerlies and north easterlies that tend to plague the Portguese and northern Spanish coastlines as the summer heat takes hold.

Our route around the UK will take shape as we progress, according to wind and tide. We simply want to do justice to the 17,000 km of amazing coastline that encircles the British Isles before we look to sail further afield.

We will see where the wind blows us, literally.